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Learn about Mississippi’s Oral Health 2020 Campaign by watching this video.

Coronavirus Disease and Oral Health: Information for Parents

Spanish and English versions are below.

This issue of Brush Up on Oral Health describes anesthesia and sedation used for oral healthcare. The issue provides a list of questions that Head Start staff can share with parents. Parents can use the list to help them ask the dentist if anesthesia or sedation should be used to treat their child’s tooth decay and what type should be used to make treatment safe and effective.

The printer-friendly PDF versions: 



SmileConnect is a free online resource designed to help dental providers easily connect with schools and community organizations that have children in need of oral health education and services. Attached is a flyer that provides a brief overview of this new tool.

Children’s Dental Health Project recognizes the need to engage families, meet them where they are and talk to them in a respectful way. CDHP has produced two PSA’s for clinicians and family’s.  Each version can be viewed here:

Parent Tips PSA (30 seconds)

Parent Tips PSA (60 seconds)

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